Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from The ChickPeeps! In this final ChickPeeps episode of 2017, Evy, Momo, Robbie and Tylor share their holiday vegan traditions and how we keep our spirits up when our loved ones’ are celebrating with very non-vegan conventions. Also on this episode…

  • Vegan Mince Pie recipe from a vegan celebrity, omg… (see link below)
  • Tylor’s ethical solution to regifting non-vegan presents from your friends and family
  • Merry Christmas, Tiger Prawns!
  • Engaging in ethical debates at holiday meal-times.
  • The key to mindfully discussing veganism so that people will listen: ’Everyone thinks of themselves as a good person… The hostility allows them to not have to face the message.’
  • The time is ripe to sign up to Veganuary!
  • We announce the 5 winners of the Fat Gay Vegan book Giveaway.
  • What’s coming up for Chickpeeps in 2018!


Humane Society’s Christmas Stars’ Eat Kind Festive Guide

Sign up to Veganuary!

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