This week, Evy, Tylor and Robbie kick off the first of the ChickPeeps' episodes of 2018 with the much-hyped and inevitable discussion of animal rights in the wizarding world of our favourite boy wizard. In this two-parter conversation the ChickPeeps get nerdier than ever before as we share our observations and conundrums as Potter fans/ animal activists and discuss the various characters who love and respect the beasts, the stories of magical creatures we've come to love and the not so subtle messages of animal rights and welfare that prevail throughout the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts' series. Also on this episode...

  • We chat about the various characters in the series who are typical animal lovers and evaluate their vegan potential.
  • Hagrid; Animal Ally or Speciesist Abuser?
  • Hermione's ill-fated but impassioned foray into house elf rights with S.P.E.W.
  • Hermione as a typical example of how being a preachy activist alienates your audience.
  • The Mandrake Dilemma: Flora or Fauna? Is mandrake a vegan potion ingredient?
  • Robbie ponders whether you can call yourself an animal rights activist if you're not vegan.
  • Would Luna be vegan???
  • Hermione and Luna's antithetical styles of activism.
  • Tylor breaks down why being a Slytherin and a Vegan is not an oxymoron; 'I'm vegan because I'm selfish.'
  • How to get a free lunch from Tylor.
  • Which house has the most vegans?
  • We explore the respective traits and values of each house and what compels them to be vegan?
  • Check back in a few days for the second part of this in depth discussion into being a vegan-Potterhead, and for an interview with the founders of The Fantastic Beasts Foundation...

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