Welcome to the second instalment of our meandering exploration of animal rights in the Wizarding World: Episode 9 3/4 part 2! Evy, Robbie and Tylor jump right back in where we left off last week to discuss how to handle handle the delicate task of freeing all house-elves from slavery without traumatizing them, which wand cores are vegan, and the unfair portrayal of dragons as vicious beasts. We listen in awe as Tylor presents a shocking though not unconvincing case for the Dark Lord being vegan, and we also have the pleasure of interviewing Tylor and his co-founder Kathryn on their Harry Potter-inspired animal right’s charity, The Fantastic Beasts Foundation. Also on this week’s episode...

  • House-elves, and what if they don’t want to be freed?
  • ‘They gauge their self worth not by who they are but by what they can bring to wizards’.
  • Tylor’s big dreams to create a task force at the Ministry of Magic that champions the rights of magical creatures.
  • Dragons: the sharks of the magical world?
  • We share how we would win the first task of the Triwizard Tournament in the most vegan way possible.
  • The CP’s first fanfic: A beautiful cross-species romance for one of our co-hosts...
  • Coral: Flora or fauna?
  • Can vegan wand cores be as powerful?
  • Can phoenixes be exploited or are they in a different category to other magical beasts?
  • Is Newt a secret vegan?
  • Tylor makes the bold and very questionable suggestion that making your snake a horcrux is ‘the ultimate vegan thing to do’.
  • ‘Did someone just cast Incendio cos it got hot in here?!’ 🔥✨
  • We interview Tylor and Kathryn of the Fantastic Beasts Foundation to discuss the parallel animal rights issues in the muggle and magical worlds and how apply the lessons the books teach us.
  • Tylor and Kathryn share details of their campaigns and how listeners can get involved.




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