Plant-Based Health with Dr.Garth Davis

After our fun, fictional, vegan musings of the magical world last week, the ChickPeeps take a more factual turn with a discussion on health as a vegan, and the common misconceptions society holds of plant-based nutrition. The brilliant Dr.Garth Davis, weight loss surgeon, author of Proteinaholic, and outspoken advocate for plant-based nutrition joins us (8.55 min in) for this episode to debunk the myths and explain to us the science of why our bodies function better without animal products. Also on this episode...

  • Dr.Davis shares how his own health problems caused him to realise that the standard american diet was far from optimal.
  • How Dr.Davis' perspective on health evolved and with it his attitude to diet: 'I just believed we were born with a lemon for a body'...'a flawed entity'.
  • We're not in the food chain anymore.'
  • Is eating too many carbs on a vegan diet cause for concern?
  • 'A steak is not a protein'.
  • Can you call white meat and fish 'clean'?
  • Is cow's milk necessary for strong bones and healthy teeth?
  • Why it's illegal to market eggs as 'healthy'.
  • Complete proteins and how important it is to get the right balance of amino acids.
  • B12; where it comes from and does Dr.Davis take a supplement?
  • Why does soy get such a bad rep?
  • Vegan Blood: 8x more effective at killing prostate cancer cells!


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