In this first official episode of the show Evy, Momo and Tylor get together to mull over the different methods of transitioning to a vegan lifestyle and how each of them made the switch. Momo and Evy interview author, activist, speaker, and all-around badass seasoned vegan, Erik Marcus of vegan.com to get his insights on the best advice and the pitfalls experienced when going vegan. 

Also on this episode…

  • We talk about our initial perceptions of veganism.
  • What to do when you fall off the vegan wagon.
  • Is the monk in DaVinci code a vegan stereotype???
  • The Pillow Chocolate Problem
  • How to handle guilt as a new vegan.
  • The best advice we got going vegan.
  • We share a few alternative ways to become vegan.
  • Is vegetarian enough?
  • Erik discusses going vegan in the 80s, pre-google, pre online shopping, and the unappetising wonder of perspiring cheese.
  • He shares his brilliant ‘crowding out’ method.
  • We are reminded to Take your goddam B12!!!!!!
  • Erik shares his evolution as an activist and what he deems effective activism.
  • ‘The secret of great activism is to listen more than you talk.’
  • Erik tries to convince Evy that dark chocolate is not the devil incarnate. (Update: He wasn’t successful).
  • Momo and Erik discuss the ‘think global, act local’ concept.
  • Erik’s thoughts on a vegan future.