In this episode Evy and Robbie meet Sean O’Callaghan a.k.a. Fat Gay Vegan and learn about his hugely popular and all-encompassing philosophy on veganism, gender roles and equality in general.  Sean is a blogger, author and activist who has just finished his first book and also runs a weekly vegan market at Hackney Downs in London.  Sean highlights the importance of language when it comes to activism.  Also on this episode…

  • Sean explains that you don’t need to love animals in order to be vegan.  Evy is shocked that he isn’t immediately in love with Puff!
  • We learn about Sean's journey to veganism and activism.
  • Be a good advertisement for vegans!
  • Sean gives advice to a listener on how to talk about veganism to her non-vegan boyfriend.
  • Sean suggests that there are some people who would never go vegan.
  • We discuss the importance joining a vegan community.
  • Robbie gets a lesson on ‘toxic’ masculinity.
  • Evy announces the winner of our Magical Christmas Gift Basket, courtesy of Peta2.
  • We also launch a new competition to win five copies of Sean’s brand new book!


Sean's New Book (UK): Fat Gay Vegan; Eat, Drink & Live

Sean's New Book (US): Fat Gay Vegan; Eat, Drink & Live

Fat Gay Vegan Twitter: @FatGayVegan

Fat Gay Vegan Instagram: @FatGayVegan

Fat Gay Vegan Facebook: @FatGayVegan

Pat McAuley's vegan podcast on which Robbie mentions he & Evy were guests this week: Eat Green, Make Green Podcast


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