In this week’s episode Momo and Evy delve into the idea of veganism as a core tenet of one’s spiritual practice. A lot of vegans feel that, karmically speaking, consuming products derived from violence and suffering corrupts our own energy, and their vegan lifestyle is a reflection of this belief. We interview Writer and Wayshower, Ollie Wylde who shares experiences of her work healing animals and how we can acquaint ourselves with our own personal animal spirit guides. Also on this episode...

  • We discuss the concept of Ahimsa, the practice of non-violence.
  • The role of prayer in vegan activism.
  • Momo shares her crystal expertise and explains why they are ‘fruit and vegetables for the soul’.
  • Horse-whispering with Ollie.
  • Animals as Spirit Guides.
  • Do hunters and people who don’t empathise with animals also have animal spirit guides?
  • ‘If we as humans learned to be as forgiving as animals, we’d solve a lot of our problems’.
  • Why do some spiritual leaders not incorporate veganism into their spiritual practice?
  • ‘A spiritual teacher or leader should only ever lead you back to yourself. They’re here to remind you about the truth that your soul already knows’.
  • Pets or rather ‘furry roommates, and what they teach us.
  • When pets aren’t vegan.
  • ‘The circle of life has been interrupted by humans and that’s a byproduct of us trying to domesticate the wild, and we have to deal with that the best we can.
  • Listener shoutouts
  • A Magical Christmas Giveaway!


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