This week The ChickPeeps take a more serious turn as we investigate the issue with dairy and exactly why vegans don’t consume it. Many non-vegans argue that taking its milk doesn’t hurt cows and that in fact milking actually relieves the cow. We explore the reasons why this is a myth, and discuss the results of quitting dairy products entirely. We also interview two of the founders of Animal Equality, and creators of the groundbreaking iAnimal project, Jose Valle and Sharon Nunez, who recount in vivid detail the experiences they’ve had on dairy farms and the typical life of a dairy cow. Also on this episode...

  • Is there more suffering in a glass of milk?
  • ’You’re not lactose intolerant, you’re just not a baby cow.’
  • The gifts/health benefits cows give you when you stop eating their secretions.
  • Evy expresses her frustration with evolution to provide cows with adequate weaponry - why no fanged cows yet?
  • Momo suggests carving holes in animals is probably not to their liking.
  • Why do people think calcium is synonymous with dairy milk? 
  • The Chickpeeps discuss their favourite dairy substitutes.
  • Is dairy a feminist issue?
  • How Animal Equality was founded.
  • Jose shares how the iAnimal project was conceived.
  • Tylor: ’These Animals are children who are then forced to have children who are then taken away just so we can drink their milk.’
  • Is there an ethical way to consume dairy?
  • The future for dairy farms.


A Vegan Guide to Calcium

Animal Equality Website: animalequality.org

Virtual Reality Experience of the Lives of Farmed Animals: ianimal360.com.

Help and Tips for Going Vegan: loveveg.com and loveveg.uk

Animal Equality's Instagram: @animalequality

Love Veg Instagram: @love veg_us

Animal Equality's Twitter: @animalequality

Animal Equality's Facebook: @animalequality

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