‘Where do vegans get their protein from?’ is probably a question you’ll hear often as a vegan, and perhaps one you’ve ruminated on yourself. Fortunately, insufficient protein in plant-food diets is a myth devised entirely by a misled non-vegan society, and even more fortunately we have two vegan fitness-buffs on today’s episode, both distinctly NOT lacking in protein, to show us that it’s possible to build strength and muscle with plant foods alone. Listen in as the ChickPeeps chat to the incredible IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Nimai Delgado, and Personal Trainer and Lifestyle coach, Bianca Taylor, who are challenging the vegan stereotype. Also on this episode…


  • Robbie and Evy talk about their fitness routines and how going vegan affected their attitude to health and fitness.
  • Nimai discusses being a lifelong vegetarian.
  • He shares insights into his Hindu heritage and being raised Hindu in the deep south.
  • ‘Being a child vegetarian taught me a lot of acceptance, it taught me a lot of patience growing up.’
  • Bianca explains how she found veganism at a point in her life when she was ‘searching for something bigger to live for.’
  • How finding veganism helped Bianca recover from an eating disorder and heal her relationship to food.
  • What the hec is a ‘macro’?
  • Nimai explores just how much protein we all need and how we can in fact thrive on much less protein than is recommended.
  • Why we shouldn’t demonise carbs and fats (hoorayyy!)
  • Bianca: ‘I don’t consider it a diet, it’s a lifestyle.’
  • Supplements: Bianca and Nimai share what you need to supplement for an optimal vegan diet (‘It’s more for insurance than a deficiency.’)
  • Tips on cultivating a healthy relationship to the gym and making it a passion rather than an obsession.
  • Nimai’s ‘Mr.Olypmia’ goals!
  • Evy’s favourite fitness advice: ’Just eat the cookie.’
  • Does being vegan help this world? Nimai has done the math…
  • Go-to quick pre-workout meals.
  • Bianca’s favourite smoothie recipe.
  • A helpful tip on not blowing up your nutribullet.


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