In this special interview episode with Nathan Runkle, in honour of his new book, Tylor and Evy sit down with the game-changing Mercy For Animals founder to discuss his journey starting the charity at the age of 15, and charting the victories of his team of undercover investigators in their fight for the rights of farm animals. Nathan also shares stories from his life growing up on a farm in rural Ohio and how being a gay teen in a conservative environment strengthened his conviction for his mission. Also on this episode…

  • Nathan has a book out! 
  • Are children raised around animals more likely to be vegan?
  • Caesar the rat, the original muse of MFA
  • ‘We learn from our parents and then our parents learn from us’.
  • Growing up vegan in a long line of farmers.
  • ‘Best book I’ve ever read’ - Nathan’s Grandma
  • Hunting to survive vs. hunting as a hobby.
  • Nathan gives advice on how to go vegan without alienating your longsuffering familty: ‘Progress over Perfection’.
  • How MFA was born
  • The reality of being an undercover investigator for MFA
  • The balance between animal welfare and animal rights.
  • ‘I would not be able to sleep at night if I weren’t doing something for the animals that are right here, right now’ (Nathan’s thoughts on working for better animal welfare practices.)
  • How figure skating almost stole Nathan away from the animal rights community!
  • Do activists have time for fun?
  • Is online activism ‘slacktivism’ or does it really help?
  • Nathan shares a story about being beaten up because of his sexuality and how the experience of physical pain deepened his empathy for the plight of animals.
  • Tips on being a ‘joyful vegan’.


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