This week, Evy, Momo and Robbie get stuck into the topic of talking about being vegan with your curious, skeptical and/or indignant non-vegan peers in a positive, helpful, honest way that doesn’t leave you nibbling seitan sadly in a lone cubicle. Robbie and Evy interview the co-founders of Veganuary, Matthew Glover and Jane Land, to learn about what inspired them to found their charity and the extensive experience they have in educating family and friends on your vegan choices.

Also on this episode…

  • Robbie admits initial resistance to going vegan: ‘I didn’t want to be any weirder’.
  • Do vegans think they’re ‘better’ than other people??
  • Why vegan activism annoys the average person. Nobody is making cruel jokes about ‘Save the Children’…
  • Robbie pledges ‘not to say anything digitally that I wouldn’t in person’.
  • Family traditions and the role of food as an expression of love.
  • Happy Turkey Day - more aptly known as ‘Sad Turkey Day’.
  • How Veganuary was founded
  • Matthew explains how he and Jane met and opines that kissing vegetarians is not strictly vegan.
  • Apparently, you can go vegan in months other than January?!?!!!
  • The First Rule of Vegan Club.
  • The best ways to attract people to go vegan; ‘explain it to them with monosyllabic words’.
  • Matthew’s business proposal: a hotel for runaway vegan teenagers
  • Why do Veganuary.


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