Ep 28: Undercover Activism with Rich Hardy

What’s it like to go behind the barbed wire fence and and see what happens within the walls of a factory farm? How does it feel to witness a lone raccoon caught in a trap and not be able to rescue it? This week Momo and Evy get to chat with passionate and prolific undercover activist, Rich Hardy, about his career exposing animal cruelty in 28 countries that has changed minds and laws for animals all over the world. Rich speaks frankly, and for the time time publicly, about the personal sacrifices he’s made to undertake such difficult work and about the changes he’s noticed in public opinion and the vegan movement in his 33 years as a vegan. Also on this episode…

  • Rich explains how he gave up his dreams of becoming a football player to be a full-time activist.
  • How changing public opinion is worrying the factory farming system.
  • The personal compromises activists make when they go undercover to infiltrate the system.
  • Rich describes his experience working as an undercover fur trapper for two winters and the suffering of one lone raccoon he witnessed that stays with him today.
  • Does undercover activism make you cynical about humanity or more compassionate? Rich weighs in about what he’s seen of human nature.
  • Longevity as an undercover activist: we ask Rich what qualities an individual most possess to withstand this gruelling but vital work.
  • “We can all tell the story of animal suffering”. How there is room for every personality type in the animal rights movement.
  • Where does Rich think the vegan movement will be in 5 years.
  • Listener, Ari’s post about healing her relationship with food.
  • Read more about the issues discussed in Ari’s email about the environment: here and here.


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