Ep 29: Ethical Fashion with Delikate Rayne

This week we’re discussing the vegan fashion landscape and conscious consumerism with the fantastic sister duo and co-founders of Delikate Rayne, Meg and Komie Vora. Growing up amidst Hindu and Jain cultures, Meg and Komie were raised vegetarian and became vegan several years ago when they founded their cruelty-free label, Delikate Rayne. In this episode they talk about being proud advocates of fashion that is free from animals, and how truly ethical fashion extends far beyond veganism alone. Also on this episode…

  • Meg and Komie explain how founding an ethical fashion line opened their eyes to veganism.
  • How Meg and Komie’s Jain grandmother influenced them to be vegan.
  • “Why does everything that’s considered luxurious have to be derived from an animal?”
  • Creating clothes with a purpose greater than its aesthetic appeal.
  • What it's like being an ethically conscious brand in a very non ethically conscious industry.
  • Is leather a byproduct of the meat industry?
  • Cruelty-free leather and Peace-Silk - we discuss whether ‘cruelty free’ animal derived fabrics could be considered vegan.
  • Do vegan textiles have a higher carbon footprint than their animal counterparts?
  • ‘So yes, you’re saving an animal but you’re killing mother nature’. The vegan material you should really avoid.
  • The problem with ‘fast fashion - “If we’re going to consume the way that we are, we’re going to have nothing left.”
  • The wardrobe diet - Meg and Komie share their tips for veganising one’s wardrobe.


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A study with further details on the environmental impact of veganism sent in by listener, Aryn.

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