Ep 30, Part 1: Vegan Athletes with Tim Shieff

This week on The ChickPeeps we're discussing what it takes to be a vegan athlete and whether or not a vegan diet and lifestyle impedes or assists one's athletic goals.  To break through those myths like he records on TV, parkour world champion and badass ninja warrior Tim Shieff joins us to talk about his experiences as a vegan athlete.

Also on this episode...

  • How treading on a snail inspired Tim’s vegan awakening.
  • ‘It’s each generations job to be more ethical than the last.’
  • Crossing the bridge of compassion to enter the vegan kingdom.
  • From Parkour to Ninja Warrior, Tim discusses his athletic journey.
  • Tim talks about the lessons he learns from his sport and how ninja warrior helps him dissolve his ego.
  • Does veganism give you an edge as an athlete?
  • Tim explains how he listens to his body as an athlete, and the benefits of eating a raw food diet.
  • ‘I became vegan because of self-reflection.’ Tim shares why he chooses not to force veganism on anyone.
  • How working on oneself is the key to lighting the way for others: ‘As long as I’m in a happy place, I attract other things that feed my joy.’
  • The ChickPeeps + Tim daydream about a vegan Conor MgGregor.
  • ‘The key to anything is just starting.’


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