Ep 30, Part 2: Vegan Athletes with Brian Rose

For the second part of our discussion on vegan athletes, The ChickPeeps chat to Brian Rose, the founder and host of London Real, who recently went plant-based when challenged by his friend, musician and triathlete, John Joseph, to compete in a half Ironman and do it vegan. Brian offers a unique perspective on going vegan as somebody able to observe the changes that occurred within his body and mind in a short space of time, and who’s primary motivator in trying veganism were the health benefits. Also on this episode:

  • Brian shares how the many vegan guests he interviews on his weekly show piqued his curiosity about the lifestyle.
  • “People don’t do what you say, they do what you do.”
  • Brian talks about how he had to increase his food intake when he went plant-based to keep up with the demands of his training.
  • The changes Brian witnessed in his mind and body, and how green vegetables played a crucial part in his training regime.
  • We discuss why many athletic coaches are vehemently against their athletes following a vegan diet.
  • Brian gives his 3 top tips for new vegans.
  • “If it hurts, don’t eat that.”
  • Fear = False Expectations Appearing Real.
  • How going vegan prompts a shift in one’s thought process and a different outlook on life.
  • "If you look at the world in 50 years, I mean it’s a no-brainer to me, that we will all be eating more plant based, it’s just gonna be what does that look like?”


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