Ep 31: Why Choose Vegan with Erik Marcus

For the penultimate episode of season 1, The ChickPeeps have a discussion on how the ethical argument for veganism is the core tenet of the vegan ideology. Erik Marcus, author, blogger and activist, shares his studies on the reasons to be vegan and explains some of the main ideas in animal rights philosophy. Also on this episode...

  • Erik suggest that the health benefits of following a vegan diet is not the strongest argument to make in favour of veganism.
  • ‘It’s probable that most of the suffering and cruelty tied to the meat, dairy and egg industry arises from how the animals are raised rather than how they are killed.’
  • Erik talks about the history of factory farming and why the conditions in which animals are raised has steadily worsened.
  • ‘The chances of the hen who laid your egg having her life end in a halfway decent, non violent way are essentially zero.’
  • What is Speciesism?
  • How to talk about speciesism in relation to other social justice movements in a non provocative manner.
  • Why Erik doesn’t like or use the term ‘carnist’.
  • ‘If there’s one thing that we need to avoid at all costs it’s ever coming off like we are judging or insulting the people we are trying to win over.’
  • The utilitarian argument for veganism.
  • How to speak to non vegans about veganism with compassion and respect.
  • ‘All I can do is to be respectful, to find common ground and to offer really solid, really accurate information that is in alignment with a high integrity argument.’


Why Choose Vegan by Erik Marcus

An Introduction to Animal Rights and Animal Welfare by Erik Marcus

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