Ep 27: Eating Disorders with Jasmin Singer and Bianca Taylor

This week The ChickPeeps have an honest, open conversation about what it’s like to balance one’s relationship with food with one’s ethical values and how both recovery and veganism have impacted their lives. Momo and Evy are joined by vegan fitness coach and self love advocate, the fearless Bianca Taylor, who recounts her journey from struggling with anorexia to truly loving and celebrating her body. Later on, we interview the incredible Jasmin Singer, senior editor of Vegnews and author of the memoir Always Too Much and Never Enough, who shares her story of developing a binge eating disorder and how she transformed her relationship with food from self-abuse to self care. Also, on this episode…

  • ‘You can’t eat that, can you?’ The important distinction between ‘can’t and ‘won’t’.
  • Going vegan mindfully after an eating disorder.
  • Bianca discusses being a personal trainer and how she helps people in the midst of an ED.
  • ‘Good’ vs. ‘bad’ foods - how do we not backslide into this mentality of categorising foods as a vegan.
  • Bianca and Momo share how their lives have expanded since they chose the path of self-love.
  • Jasmin discusses the journey from food as an enemy, to food as a friend, to somewhere in between.
  • ‘It wasn’t until I was well into my 30s that I realised that food can actually be something that not only is a direct representation of who we wanna be and what our world view is but also something that can fill us and allow us to really sit more comfortably in our authenticity.’
  • The universal feeling of not being enough.
  • Guilt and shame. How to deal with these emotions surrounding food when we slip up as new vegans.
  • How to talk about veganism with people who’ve been through an eating disorder.
  • Switching your focus from vanity to self care.
  • ‘That’s when food was no longer what it had been for me in the 80s, which was a vehicle for changing; it was a vehicle for being in line with who I wanted to be.’
  • Letting go of an eating disorder. Jasmin and Evy discuss whether or not true recovery is possible.
  • How to deal with a perfectionist mindset when it comes to diet.
  • Body positivity and representation in the vegan community.


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