Ep 24: Activism vs. Attractivism with Earthling Ed

Are you a militant vegan or an attractivist? Was your mind opened by vegan cupcakes or slaughterhouse vigils? Do you favour street activism or a fiery blog post? This week, Tylor and Evy discuss different types of activism and what methods were most effective in our own personal vegan awakening. Later on, (7.37) Robbie and Evy interview the amazing and relentlessly passionate vegan activist and influencer, Earthling Ed, who shares his story of going from apathetic meat-eater to hardcore vegan, and the mindset he’s cultivated to do the confrontational style of vegan activism for which he has become known. Also on this episode…

  • Ed discusses his previous perception of veganism, and recounts how the wave of empathy he felt for a truck of injured chickens gave him pause as a meat-eater.
  • How becoming vegan connected Ed to a true sense of purpose. 
  • Street activism - is it for everyone? Ed shares how he overcame his initial fear of confronting strangers about veganism.
  • How to deal with personal attacks from non-vegans.
  • ‘It’s fear - all of this hatred always comes from fear, fear of change, fear of the unknown.’
  • Are our emotions a help or a hindrance in vegan activism?
  • Can we change anti-vegan trolls’ minds or is it a waste of energy?
  • The burden of empathy: Ed tells us about the personal toll of being a full time activist, and what drives him to keep going.
  • 'It’s a heavy burden but we’re not the victims.'
  • What is a vigil and what is the purpose of them?
  • Come join the Animal Rights March on August 25th 2018!
  • Challenging the status quo - the line between legal and illegal activism and how far should we go for animal rights.
  • ‘We live in a world of unjust laws and I thoroughly believe that those laws should be broken as they always have been for social justice issues.’
  • Are vegans morally superior to non-vegans? Ed, Robbie and Evy tackle this uncomfortable accusation often fired at vegans.
  • How educating children on animal rights is a crucial step towards achieving a vegan world: ‘We have to reverse that teaching of discrimination.’
  • Tylor shares a new vegan victory in the wizarding community!


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