Ep 25: Finding Your Tribe with The Happy Pear

This week Momo and Evy discuss the importance of community as a vegan and finding people who inspire you to live a joyfully vegan life. We talk to the ebullient happiness gurus, Dave and Steve Flynn, aka. The Happy Pear, (9.21 minutes) about creating the kind of world you want to live in, and about reconciling one’s cultural background with vegan principles. Later on, Dave and Steve share some of their daily practices to cultivate a balanced, happy life. Also on this episode…

  • How Steve and Dave went their separate ways and found vegetarianism independently in the same week!
  • How the twins planned to start a revolution with a vegetable shop.
  • Dave explains why people living in strong communities live longer.
  • Dave and Steve recount their journeys from being preachy holier-than-thou vegans to a more attractivist style of vegan advocacy.
  • Being an Irish vegan and how to reconcile traditional sensibilities with your vegan values.
  • ‘No Granny, I’m vegan!’ We discuss food as an expression of love
  • The backlash towards veganism by the dairy industry in Ireland.
  • Why everyone should spend a year working on an organic farm.
  • ‘I think the less we can have a me vs them mentality, the better, because ultimately we all live on one planet and we all have to be friends.’
  • Dave and Steve explain the importance of consistent movement throughout the day to sustain a joyful outlook on life.
  • How health and happiness are intrinsically linked.
  • ‘Movement makes you feel better quicker than anything else.’
  • The fine line between Illness and Wellness.


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