Ep 23: Pets with Dr. Armaiti May

You asked, we listened! This week we are discussing the heavily pondered topic of veganism and pets, and the inherent challenges vegan pet lovers face. Listen in as Tylor and Evy discuss their lives with their companion animals and the comprises they’ve had to make for their pets lifestyles. Later on, (12.14 minutes) we interview Dr.Armaiti May, a vegan vet with a dog and cat house call practice, to seek her advice on the most ethical ways to raise companion animals. Dr. May sets the record straight on having vegan pets and addresses the most important campaigns in the vegan community that tackle the overpopulation crisis. Also on this episode…

  •  Tylor is back and has some life updates!
  • What’s it like being a vegan vet and the challenges posed to Dr.May’s ethical beliefs when studying veterinary medicine.
  • The Veterinary Assocation for the Protection of Animals: “Education is a big part of what we’re trying to accomplish. I think that’s a key component of helping people to go vegan; empowering them with information, supporting them with resources, showing them how tasty vegan food can be.”
  • Spaying and neutering: Dr.May explains the ethics behind spaying and neutering and why it is the kindest solution to the cat and dog overpopulation crisis.
  • ‘The reality is as much as people want animals to live natural lives, if they’re allowing them to reproduce that is directly contributing to the needless killing of other animals that are already here.’
  • Open Admission vs. No-Kill shelters: should we, as vegans, be boycotting places that euthanise homeless animals?
  • CAN CATS BE VEGAN???? Surprise guest, Betty, sets the record straight.
  • What to do when your cat is a finicky eater.
  • Dogs are omnivores!
  • Is a vegan diet nutritionally superior for animals in the same ways it is for humans?
  • The growing trend of the exotic pet trade: Dr.May weighs in on what needs to be considered.
  • ‘[Wild animals] are not going to be happy in a home environment; they belong in the wild. They belong with their families.’
  • To adopt or not to adopt? How do we help animals being raised and sold by corrupt companies with poor welfare standards?
  • The animal abolitionist argument: Is less integration of humans and animals in the animals’ best interests?
  • Animal testing and medical research: is it possible to continue finding cures for human illnesses without animal testing?
  • What’s the best way to talk to animal lovers who are resistant to veganism?
  • A listener question on responsibly sourced down.


Read more about Dr.May's work: veganvet.net

Connect with Dr.May on Facebook and Twitter.

Check out VAPA: The Veterinary Association for the Protection of Animals.

Learn more about vegan pet food.

Learn how to help your dog be vegan at plantbased.dog

Advocating for non animal-tested medical research: The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

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