Ep 16: Attractivism with Victoria Moran

Special guest alert! This week Evy tries to keep her shit together as she interviews the woman who inspired The ChickPeeps Podcast in the first place, and who is an all-around beacon of light in the vegan community, Victoria Moran. Victoria is the host of the award-winning vegan podcast, Main Street Vegan, the author of thirteen books and the founder/director of the Main Street Vegan Academy where she trains and certifies vegan lifestyle coaches. A vegan for 35 years, Victoria shares what it was like being vegan when nobody knew what that meant, and discusses the concept of Attractivism as a tool for change. She also explains how veganism is an extension of her faith and spiritual life and shares her best advice for accelerating the dream of a vegan world. Also on this episode…

  • 35 years vegan! Victoria talks about what life was like as a vegan over three decades ago: ‘It was so weird that very few people criticised it.
  • Victoria shares her struggle going vegan as she was trying to overcome a binge eating disorder.
  • What is a ‘Main Street Vegan’?
  • ‘If we’re going to have a vegan world then we’re going to have to be open to liberals and conservatives and religious people and atheists and agnostics and rich people and poor people…the way I look at it is that every human being has at least one thing in common and that is that we all have a heart.’
  • The Main Street Vegan Academy - Victoria describes the process of becoming a Vegan Lifestyle Coach
  • Attractivism - Living in a way that makes other people want what you have.
  • Is attractivism enough? We discuss the best way to do in-person activism.
  • Raising a child vegan and Victoria’s advice to worried parents of young vegans.
  • 'In every reputable study over the past 50 years -with the exception of vitamin B12 - we don’t see any [health] problems with vegans.'
  • Veganism and Religion - how extending love to animals should be a core tenet of one’s spritiual practice.
  • Victoria’s advice to all vegans wishing to make a change: Be aspirational. Live your very best life.
  • Tylor and Evy discuss their vegan weeks and a problematic story circling the vegan news sites.


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