Ep 15: Honey with The Vegan Society

Many people struggle with the concept that honey is not vegan because they don't understand how taking their honey hurts the bees or they argue that if the bees were unhappy they could just fly away, or that the bee population needs commercial honey-making in order to thrive. So this week Tylor and Evy discuss the much debated topic of honey and why it isn't vegan. Later in the show, Evy interviews Elena Orde of The Vegan Society, the organistion that coined the term vegan, to learn about the many non-vegan standard practices in the stages of honey production. Also on this episode:

  • Please send healing vibes to our dear Momo!
  • Tylor explains how sentient bees are harmed in the process of commercial honey production.
  • Elene Orde of the vegan society shares a bit about the life of a honey bee.
  • Why do bees make honey?
  • The differences between naturally produced and commercially produced honey
  • - artificial insemination of the queen bee
  • - sugar solution substitutes
  • - the fate of queens bees in commercial hives
  • - Smoking out the hive
  • Why don’t bees just fly away if they’re unhappy?
  • Reminder: Beeswax = E901
  • Honey as a health food - is it nutritionally superior to other sugar and unprocessed sugar-alternatives
  • Bees and their role in the eco-system. Does our environment need commercial honey production to survive?
  • How can we support honey bees?
  • Is there an ethical-vegan way to consume honey?
  • The Bees by Lalline Paul
  • If insects die in the production of vegetables, isn’t that the same as consuming honey?
  • Listener Shoutouts


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