Ep 14: Vegan Fashion with Leanne Mai-Ly Hilgart

The ChickPeeps discuss veganism vs the fashion industry and how to transition to a cruelty-free wardrobe. Momo and Evy talk about the vegan brands they like, what to do with your old non-vegan items and whether or not we would wear second-hand animal fabrics. Evy gets to interview another of her vegan heroines (13.30), the incredibly inspiring entrepreneur and found of the vegan fashion house, Vaute, Leanne Mai-Ly Hilgart, who shares anecdotes from her journey from child animal activist to teacher to founder of one of the most influential vegan fashion houses. Leanne shares valuable insights on how not following the rules or doing things the way people in the fashion industry expected led her to being one of the leaders of the growing vegan fashion scene. Also on this episode…

  • Leanne shares stories of her early forays into activism challenging vivisection at her school and making her own vegan tshirts, and how her mission often isolated her from her peers.
  • How she built her Vaute from scratch: 
  • The things that I did that were important to me, I did them without asking for permission or approval or support’.
  • I don’t really think you can fail until you give up.’
  • Fashion vs Veganism: How a vegan brand fits into a notoriously non vegan industry.
  • ‘Revolutionary concepts can’t be understood by the current paradigm because they don’t uphold the current paradigm.’
  • Why wool is not just a haircut - Leanne gives details on the lives of sheep raised for wool.
  • ‘People aren’t trying to be cruel, what they’re trying to do is just make as much product as they can.’
  • Animals just don’t belong in business.
  • Veganising your wardrobe.
  • Leanne explains why she’s careful not to wear products that look too realistic as animal products.
  • I just did what was right in my heart. That wasn’t necessarily understood or popular or liked but I didn’t know any other way to do it.’
  • The future of the fashion industry: will compassion ever be cool in the fashion world?
  • ‘Part of our mission is to use a fashion house as a vehicle or empowering and inspiring and educating.’
  • Leanne shares her practices her leading a joyful life and how she navigates the challenges of entrepreneurship.
  • Momo shares her favourite vegan spots in Berlin.
  • Listener Shoutouts


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Why Wool isn't Vegan

Leanne's Book Recommendations: The Joy Diet, When Things Fall Apart, 

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