Ep 13: Plant-Based on a Budget with Toni Okamoto

Is being vegan more expensive than other diets? Is veganism a luxury only privileged people can afford? Non-vegans often hold the perception that being vegan is a much more expensive lifestyle to lead, so this week Momo and Evy tackle that subject and discuss tips and tricks to making vegan life that bit cheaper. The fabulous Toni Okamoto, author and creator of the popular blog PlantBasedOnABudget.com, also graces the podcast this week and shares details of her work and how you can learn to be vegan for $18 a week! No excuses!! Also on this episode...

  • Momo is back and representing the vegan Hufflepuffs!
  • Momo shares her tips for saving money on a vegan diet.
  • Check out Momo's friend @Jacks_patch on instagram to learn how to grow your own food.
  • Toni explains how being a runner made her switch up her diet to improve her performance on the track.
  • Is being vegan a luxury?
  • What is a slow cooker and how it can improve your vegan life
  • Is being vegan cheaper? Toni gives us her verdict.
  • ‘My biggest tip is to not beat yourself up…It’s about progress and not perfection.’
  • Evy ventures the idea of a Vegan Fairy-Godmother program.
  • Toni shares tips for how you can eat vegan for $18 a week!
  • Free Meal Plans in show notes :)
  • Buying organic - is it worth the splurge?
  • 'Budgeting is not only about saving money but it’s about saving time.'
  • We discuss your feedback to last week's episode, in particular PETA's role in the Feminist Movement.
  • Momo and Evy surmise on which of the ChickPeeps’ hosts is most likely to appear in a naked PETA campaign.


Plant-Based on a Budget

Toni's Free Meal Plans

Toni's Super Easy Vegan Slow Cooker Cookbook

The Friendly Vegan Cookbook

Article on The Dirty Dozen

Ingrid Newkirk on Feminism and Animal Rights

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