Ep 17: Fighting Animal Testing with Hilary Jones

This week, Momo and Evy delve into the complicated world of vegan beauty products, and how to make sure your vanity table is 100% vegan. We discuss the apparent oxymoron of cruelty free products that are not vegan, and why we demand more stringent measures from beauty brands than from food manufacturers. Later on (18.30) we interview Hilary Jones, the ethics director of Lush cosmetics, a 32 year vegan and a fierce and knowledgable advocate for ending animal testing. Also on this episode…

  • What is the difference between cruelty-free and vegan?
  • Crushed beetles, sheep’s wool and pig fat: Momo and Evy discuss the hidden non vegan ingredients often found in cosmetics.
  • Our favourite beauty bloggers.
  • The China thing: the legislation that blocks the world’s biggest beauty companies from being cruelty free.
  • Are our expectations too high? How can we expect makeup brands to be totally Cruelty-Free as we vegan food at non vegan restaurants?
  • How to veganise your cosmetics closet.
  • Why is fighting animal testing part of Lush’s mission?
  •  “Companies create paranoia and sell products off the back of that... We don’t want to test on animals, we don’t want to make people feel bad about themselves.”
  • "That’s not science, that’s just brutality” -Hilary explains how animal testing is not necessary or effective way of verifying the safety of our products.
  • How do Lush test their products if not on animals?
  • What happens to animals during testing.
  • The LD50 test: Hilary explains the standard test that kills 50% of its subjects.
  • What is The Cosmetics Drive and the Lush Prize.
  • Will Lush ever go vegan? Hilary shares her feelings on being a vegan at a vegetarian company and her hopes for the future.
  • What can individuals do to achieve a world free from animal testing?
  • “Think about the animals in all that you do.”


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