Ep 18: Zoos with Freedom For Animals

This week Tylor, Evy and Robbie take on the heavily-debated subject of whether or not zoos are vegan-friendly. As animal-lovers, many vegans crave the opportunity to meet animals in person and zoos might seem like the obvious option, however there is no denying that wild animals in captivity are caged against their will. We talk about our experiences with zoos and the role zoos play in education and conservationism. Later on, we interview Maddie Taylor, the Campaigns Officer for the animal rights organisation, Freedom For Animal (previously known as the Captive Animals Protection Society). Also on this episode…

  • Are not-for-profit zoos more ethical?
  • Tylor: “We don’t want bigger cages; we want empty cages.”
  • Listener question: What about zoos that help conserve certain species?
  • Is Newt Scamander’s suitcase a zoo or a sanctuary?
  • Breaking news from the vegan wizarding world brought to you by The ChickPeeps’ most persistent tweeter.
  • What is life like for animals in zoos?
  • Maddy: “I think part of the problem is that a zoo is very much about creating a great day out for the visitor… giving you the perception that those animals are free.”
  • What is Stereotypic behaviour and what are some examples of it?
  • Marius the giraffe and “Surplus” animals - how was Copenhagen Zoo allowed to kill a perfectly healthy animal and is this a common practice?
  • Where do zoos get their animals?
  • What about zoos’ role in conservation projects?
  • Alternative ways to learn about animals
  • Do certain zoos improve the lives of animals in captivity?
  • What we can do to help animals in captivity now?
  • Robbie takes issue with Evy’s vegan highlight of the week


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Article by YourDailyVegan on Zoos (List of alternative ways to learn about animals at bottom of page)

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