S2, Ep1: Effective Activism with Earthling Ed

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Back to our regular Wednesday weekly slot, we, The ChickPeeps, find ourselves wildly keen to discuss the past year in vegan news - the updates, controversies, victories and progress, and who better to mull that over than with the exceptionally erudite animal rights’ activist, Earthling Ed. A much loved returning guest from season 1, Ed is vegan educator, public speaker and co-founder of Surge and The Official Animal Rights March. The past year has seen him spreading the vegan message to Ivy League students across America and opening his own non-profit vegan diner, and this week he takes time to pause and reflect on where the vegan movement is in the public consciousness now.

Also on this episode...

  • Is veganism winning?

  • What the Ivy League students have to say about veganism.

  • Is there space for joy in activism and how do we balance our personal lives with activism?

  • Should we all be full time activists?

  • How much is the government helping/hindering the animal rights movement?

  • Robbie and Ed go head to head in a battle for the title of nerdiest vegan as they share who reads the most science and medical journals.

  • Ed explains his reasoning for skulking around farmers chat rooms under the alias Farmer Ed (joke).

  • Ed has a surprising suggestion for the person he’d most like to see go vegan…


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