S2: ChickPeeps Catch-up!

Hello, Season 2! The ChickPeeps are back! In this season 2 catch-up episode, your old friends, the ChickPeeps' co-hosts, aka, Evy, Momo, Robbie and Tylor return to pod-land to chat about the past year in our vegan lives, what’s new on the vegan scene and some triumphs - personal and public - in the vegan world!

Also on this episode…

  • We share what we’ve been up to for the past ChickPeep-less year.

  • Momo manifests a near-fatal bird appearance.

  • Vegan chocolate is everywhere which is problematic for Evy

  • Robbie is still an angry vegan and Tylor is back working in the animal rights world!

  • We discuss the major focus on environmentalism in the media and how that is putting veganism more in the spotlight - or is it? How do we broach the subject of veganism with people who keep posting videos of Greta Thunberg but saying nothing about transitioning to veganism?

  • We the backlash against veganism this year from some prominent vegan influencers. Should we be practicing the same patience we have with non vegans (pre-gans?) or is it important to be a bit more forceful in discussing the topic with ex-vegans?

  • We share our intentions for things we want to focus on throughout season 2.

  • Stay spangly…

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Robbie Jarvis:@robbjarvis

Tylor Starr:@tylorstarr

Evanna Lynch:@msevylynch