Ep 20: Cheese! with Miyoko Schinner

This week we’re talking about all things cheese and why so many aspiring vegans find it difficult to give it up. Momo and Evy share some charming details about the process of dairy cheese production and then compare the nutritional content of dairy cheese vs vegan cheese. Later on, (24.20) we interview the phenomenal Miyoko Schinner, vegan cheese queen and founder of Miyoko’s Kitchen her early struggles going vegan while being a cheese aficionado, and how she founded her legendary vegan cheese empire. Also on this episode…

  • What is rennet?
  • The chemically addictive properties of dairy cheese
  • How do you quit your cheese addiction? We discuss how to get cheese out of your system.
  • Miyoko shares what it was like being vegan 30 years ago compared to the vegan scene today: ‘This is the renaissance of the vegan movement.’
  • Miyoko discusses being a huge ‘stinky gooey funky cheese aficionado’ and why she believes being vegan shouldn’t be prohibitive of enjoying the finest foods.
  • Being a bonne vivante vegan : ‘Joy comes with being a vegan when you realise you’re no longer causing harm.’
  • The process of making vegan cheese: Miyoko describes the life of a vegan cheese.
  • Is vegan cheese healthy? Are dairy and vegan cheeses nutritional equivalents?
  • ‘I think we need health on both an emotional level and a physical level. Sometimes having a delicious baguette with a big thick slab of vegan butter on it can be quite healthy for the spirit.’
  • What’s it like launching a vegan cheese business and how Miyoko built her brand.
  • ‘I really see our competitor as being the dairy industry.’
  • Phenomenally Vegan: Miyoko explains why she thinks it’s important to be loud and proud about your vegan values.
  • Miyoko shares good basic cheese recipes
  • Tips for giving up dairy cheese: ‘Go snuggle up with a cow’.
  • 'There’s a wider array of foods available when you go vegan because you’re thinking outside the box.'


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