Ep 21: Vegan Chocolate with Coco Caravan feat. Elliot Knight

This one's for the vegan chocolate lovers out there! This week Evy, and guest co-host, Elliot Knight, expound on their deep love for all things smothered in thick layers of delicious chocolate, and the importance of indulgence on a vegan diet. We talk about the struggle of satisfying your vegan sweet tooth when vegan treats and desserts are often seen as too obscure or difficult to make, by non-vegans. Later on we interview the fantastic Jacques Cöp, founder and head chocolatier of vegan chocolate house, Coco Caravan, to learn about the process of making vegan chocolate and how raw chocolate is actually a healthy food. Also on this episode...

  • Meet this week's guest host, actor and fellow vegan, Elliot Knight
  • Elliot shares his joyful outlook on embracing the sweeter things of vegan life - ‘Life is a dessert - get a spoon and get on in!’
  • Jacques tells of a chocolate vision that came to him and changed his life!
  • Jacques explains why you CAN 3-4 chocolate bars a day and feel good about it!
  • Why vegan chocolate is better than ordinary dairy milk chocolate.
  • The benefits of eating raw chocolate.
  • What is coconut palm sugar?
  • We discuss vegan businesses taking over the world vs keeping business local and family-run.
  • Elliot reaches chocolate-nirvana mid podcast.
  • Jacques shares his abundant mindset as a vegan: ‘With going vegan you don’t really have to miss out on anything.’
  • Listener question: What do you do when you’re required to eat animal products for an audition? Elliot and Evy weigh in on how they would handle the situation.
  • How NOT to fall off the wagon when non vegan chocolate is the only thing in sight.


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